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In what markets that Jaïna Capital invest?

We invest in all kinds of innovating projects with a high growth potential. It is essential to us that a startup seeks strong innovation and disruption, either in its business model, its technology or its user value. Jaïna Capital does not exclude any particular market, though we will mainly seek IT, digital, telecommunications, media and web investment opportunities.


In what countries does Jaïna Capital invest?

We favor geographical proximity, so as to better help the startups we invest in. This is why most of our investments are in France and Europe. Opportunities in the US, Israel and Asia are possible on a case by case basis


How long does it take you to evaluate an investment opportunity?

Aware that it is essential for entrepreneurs to get a fast response, Jaïna Capital endeavors to evaluate investment opportunities in no more than a few weeks.


At what development stage does Jaïna Capital invest?

We invest in early seed rounds, but also at a later stage in venture-backed rounds


What percentage of shares does Jaïna Capital wish to acquire?

Jaïna Capital is generally a significant minority shareholder. The percentage of shares acquired will depend on the startup’s development stage and the amount invested.


How does Jaïna Capital help startups in its portfolio?

Firt and foremost, Jaïna Capital is a group of entrepreneurs endeavoring to sustain innovation. We take part in strategic as well as operational debates and strategies, giving startups the expertise and network that will help them succeed.


What is Jaïna Capital’s investment horizon?

We intend to be present and active in our startups for at least a few years.


Who are Jaïna Capital’s investors?

Marc Simoncini is the sole investor in Jaïna Capital