Jaïna Capital is a fund investing in high growth projects

  • Marc and his team

    Marc Simoncini, serial web entrepreneur, brought together a team of complementary talents with a strong entrepreneurial DNA. We all speak one same language, and act with entrepreneurs together to build
    a great success story.

  • Out of the box

    Jaïna doesn’t simply back good ideas. It supports entrepreneurs that dare to see the world differently. The projects we decide to help are rarely simple, but always bold and full of common sense.

  • Flexible

    Jaïna’s unique structure allows us to be flexible and reactive to different investment opportunities. This ensures us that entrepreneurs will never be slowed down in the development of their society.

  • Available

    Jaïna’s entire team is devoted to helping it’s entrepreneurs. Marc and his team bring their many experiences, successes and failures, to help startups make the right decisions.